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Created 25-Jun-21

Thank you to the Pendleton Center for the Arts (Pendleton, Oregon) for hosting this exhibit in the East Oregonian Gallery, June 10-30, 2021.
"McIntosh's photographs invite the viewer on an intimate journey with the nomadic herders of Mongolia, providing a glimpse into the centuries-old tradition of hunting with golden eagles. Her images capture both the people and the stunning landscape as camels, yaks and other livestock are herded to new foraging areas."
Eagles UpFatihaSoltanmuratAlmost ReadyTime To GoAre You Ready?Hanging OutMigration GlowThe JourneyA Moment To RelaxMongolian SunsetFinally Dawn"Lucky"We're HereEagle EyeTasty TreatSurpriseGolden Eagle HuntersLittlest Eagle HunterShakhyru